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Added: 18/07/2020 Car workshops coming soon!

I'm Rick Harrison and this is my pawn shop.

Added: 25/03/2020 What's your favourite mission passed theme? / Jaká je vaše oblíbená znělka úspěšně splněné mise?

Vice City mission passed theme brings back great memories when i played it for...

Added: 07/02/2020 Have you ever played Max Payne 3?

Played MP1 and MP2 long time ago and still enter the game sometimes,timeless classics....

Added: 20/01/2020 What car do you like the most?

Admiral ?

Added: 14/01/2020 Your first GTA game

GTA VC back in 2007/2008 when i got my first PC

Added: 20/12/2019 Christmas events and bonuses on WTLS!

Thank you !

Added: 17/12/2019 Spoluprace ve skladisti / Cooperation in warehouse

Ability to hire them sounds good and that way it isn't strict. But if you connect...

Added: 26/10/2019 Omezeni nemovitosti / Limiting properties

I cannot believe that limiting properties by level is better than any other option...

Added: 25/10/2019 Omezeni nemovitosti / Limiting properties

Option number 2 is the most reasonable to me

Added: 06/10/2019 Do you still like Heist

Reported AIs for aimbot a few times but got rejected. But good for quick and easy...

Added: 05/10/2019 Líbí se vám golf ?? / How do you like golf ??

I haven't tried it but i don't like golf in general so i won't try...

Added: 23/09/2019 Worst job in WtLs?

Fisherman is the worst job ever made,alongside with Trafficker.Boring and time...

Added: 20/09/2019 Do you like the new way to buy lottery tickets?

I play lottery sometimes but it was better with /lotto than going to 24/7 stores.

Added: 13/09/2019 Singleplayer VS Multiplayer

Storyline > Multiplayer

Added: 22/02/2019 Co máte v kufru ?? / What do you have in the trunk ??

Most of the time drugs

Added: 28/01/2019 Favorite bike

FCR-900 for sure

Added: 09/01/2019 Who is your favourite protagonist

Tommy Vercetti. You'll get your money Sonny,don't worry.

Added: 01/01/2019 Do you like the green hockey mask?

/greenhockeymask, /greensantahat

Added: 01/01/2019 New year party 2019

~ Happy New Year ! ~

Added: 01/01/2019 Happy New Year Everyone! I wish you all best!

~ Happy New Year ! ~

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