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Added: 05/07/2020 EVENT! Searching flags

Thanks for the event !

Added: 06/05/2020 Golf weekly challenge

From that previous i played i don't have the screenshot.I've checked...

Added: 04/05/2020 Golf weekly challenge

Of course i played against other players,the first game i played i can't...

Added: 04/05/2020 Golf weekly challenge

But what i don't understand is how can i not be on 2 different lists ? HU_STON...

Added: 04/05/2020 Golf weekly challenge

I've played golf minigame two times last week and made scores 16 and 14. And...

Added: 22/04/2020 S2 - Weird lags again

I know right ? It's easy to blame someone else's internet,i myself...

Added: 20/04/2020 WTLS 12th Anniversary!

Happy 12th anniversary!

Added: 14/04/2020 --- Suggestions ---

Add more colors in /shop,LS Customs.I'm sick and tired seeing same greens...

Added: 06/04/2020 --- Bug reports ---

Survivals are still bugged as well as some heists. They should've been fixed

Added: 01/04/2020 IMPORTANT! Huge server update

Great news, congratulations !

Added: 26/03/2020 --- Bug reports ---

NPC's are still bugged on survivals but i've came across another bug...

Added: 25/03/2020 --- Suggestions ---

Add more vehicle colors to /shop and LS Customs/Michelle's garage. There...

Added: 25/03/2020 SPECIAL ACTION! Bonuses and discounts

Thank you for your hard work,awesome news and bonuses

Added: 04/01/2020 --- Bug reports ---

I've jumped out of the plane in Warzone event with visible icon of the parachute...

Added: 24/12/2019 --- Bug reports ---

I joined survival minigame and proceeded to the 7th wave and A.I's spawned,killed...

Added: 05/12/2019 Community Video: Post your image here

Added: 15/11/2019 I can't put neons/gl on my cars

Thank you for the reply,i understand now. Lock the thread.

Added: 14/11/2019 I can't put neons/gl on my cars

On 10th of November the required number of races/impromptu races for vehicle...

Added: 15/08/2019 Why was the ban necessary ?

I was helping player Nesto to gather 50 races so he can purchase vehicle armour/bp...

Added: 06/01/2019 --- Suggestions ---

Ability to pick up/take your proximity mine if you want to. You'll need to...

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