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Added: 17/01/2019 The best :'D

how long did it take you for those graphics to load and for you to get to that spot...

Added: 16/01/2019 Shk's First Killing Montage

beateeeen... WHAT FOOOR

Added: 16/01/2019 Vinox [League of legends(Gold Elo)+GTA SA]

lmao this game is dead already

Added: 15/01/2019 Rusev - Killing montage with CHEATS

*likes it*

Added: 15/01/2019 Carshow Map 2k19 _HoLY_

Added: 15/01/2019 Carshow Map 2k19 _HoLY_

r3kt's maps are always better

Added: 14/01/2019 Turfing in vagos!

my gang

Added: 13/01/2019 S3 skiller

I don't see aimbot

Added: 13/01/2019 Minigun Killing Monatge in s2 by Kajaka #2

lmfao what the fuck is this

Added: 12/01/2019 Chillin with smokey!

Respect for you, mate.

Added: 12/01/2019 My 2500th hemp!

no lifer get a life plz

Added: 12/01/2019 Light's Wallhack BUSTED

lmao that mg miss

Added: 11/01/2019 Karll first montage

Cool oof

Added: 11/01/2019 Attackkz | KILLING MONTAGE #1 |

shit quality, still liked because of good skills

Added: 10/01/2019 Theseus gang on s3

back when it was actually fun to play samp

Added: 08/01/2019 Aimbot or no ? about last hits

kude si weee

Added: 08/01/2019 Selfie With My Team Admins Moderators Helpers

Look at what he posted in the description lol he is kinda special in the head

Added: 08/01/2019 iHeb92 | 2k19 Montage

Spray sent me that

Added: 08/01/2019 Turfing with Hippos

I wish I was there to murder everyone

Added: 07/01/2019 How to manage a 2v1

gj xD

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