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Added: 30/05/2019 --- Suggestions ---

-The radio can be heard on foot via a headset -Would be nice if your house/property...

Added: 30/05/2019 --- Bug reports ---

Players in the game lobby can somehow join minigames.

Added: 02/12/2018 what happend to server 2

Try disabling your firewall or letting samp.exe through it.

Added: 29/11/2018 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates --- to them criminals lmfao well played niCe.

Added: 27/11/2018 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

I can’t even begin to explain how much I like this one ^^. Now all mini games will...

Added: 27/11/2018 IMPORTANT! Do not use VPNs

Thanks for informing us.

Added: 24/11/2018 unban

No you can't.

Added: 24/11/2018 lovelyBoy

Next time use the command /Sell when exchanging items with other users. Trust...

Added: 22/11/2018 --- Bug reports ---

I lost my amour after i have been arrested. (i have a premium account)

Added: 22/11/2018 Help me my car gone

Maybe your vehicle despawned due to inactivity. Have you tried locating it using...

Added: 22/11/2018 Help me my car gone

You can use your insurance to get your vehicle back. While in game, press Y>Phonebook>Mors...

Added: 20/11/2018 R3kt who says you're using an alternative acc

Your final answer will be given here.Please refrain from creating multiple threads...

Added: 19/11/2018 --- Suggestions ---

Increase the brightness for pink neons.

Added: 18/11/2018 --- Suggestions ---

The icon for a property should be a dollar sign "$"

Added: 17/11/2018 --- Suggestions ---

Add /Timestamp to the web chat

Added: 15/11/2018 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

I have to shake your hands. Good job!

Added: 14/11/2018 applied for helper and got this..

Correct me if i'm wrong. So you applied to become a helper in 2017 when you...

Added: 10/11/2018 EVENT! Reward for playing time

I'm the first one to get the 2m dollar reward. I also got 500k with it lol

Added: 10/11/2018 Hi,, 2m bonus

Yes you would and you can check the amount of time you played via /s

Added: 08/11/2018 paypal problems

Sometimes payments can take up to 24 hours due to security reasons. You can either...

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