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Seventy posted a comment to Some of my skills | iHeb92 |
sa7a, nice skills

11:34 AM

Seventy posted a comment to Which car do you use most ? / Které auto používáte nejvíce?
when u try to be funny, but u're failure

03:53 PM

Seventy added a forum post to Could you bring me the logs or proofs.
So, i heard that amine said proofs will be shown for admins Imma tell u something...

05:03 PM

Seventy added a forum post to Banned for cheats
Logs + Video if possible NOTE : About using aimbot. If i use aimbot & godmode and...

04:44 PM

Seventy added a forum post to Banned for cheats
I just got banned right now for a reason " cheats are not allowed" by...

04:42 PM

Seventy added a vote Which car do you use most ? / Které auto používáte nejvíce?
Let's see what people use the most as vehicle ? Podívejme se, co lidé nejvíce...

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Seventy posted a comment to Rio Media jedou bomby :))
+5k ping?

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Rio Media jedou bomby :))
Rio Media jedou bomby :))
Tak takhle to je už skoro každej víkend ave všední dny odpoledne- večer,...

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141267 DevilAssassin
Level 76 06/05/2019 12:18 AM
166008 VerxzyXO
Level 57 29/03/2019 10:02 PM
Lol noob kid i remember when he used lag.cs and aimbot to kill me but he still failed..
141267 DevilAssassin
Level 76 29/12/2018 01:36 PM
152637 October18
Level 61 19/12/2018 02:35 PM
Suck my cocky 7ty
116480 Chillax
Level 49 12/12/2018 07:25 PM
rest in piss
156305 DoomSlayer
Level 49 10/11/2018 12:11 AM
Rest in peace m8
141267 DevilAssassin
Level 76 28/09/2018 08:28 PM
Good bye old friend, you will be missed brother <3
I'll never forget the old memories I had with you, good luck in your life!
Farewell brother,
78357 Excalibur
Level 74 27/09/2018 02:00 PM
You are no longer welcome here, I specifically stated that you should not ban evade.
Another insane
126999 Showzer
Level 109 27/09/2018 01:46 PM
We had good times,as well bad times
but it's time to go brother,good luck in your life
112982 Bull24
Level 118 27/09/2018 08:53 AM
Youre not a legend but a cheater
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