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Added: 25/02/2018 Pisshead

Lmao,who told you that you can ban me perm on website ? hahah

Added: 25/02/2018 Shampioux

i have been banned in octobar 2017 i ask for unban in server 2 ( i have joined in this...

Added: 25/01/2018 Shampioux crying again

Hi lovely admins :) i want un-ban Shampioux crying since 4 month ago help that baby...

Added: 24/12/2017 Shampioux crying like a baby

So here we go Fasthead banned me from 3 months I join server after 30 days and i talk...

Added: 19/12/2017 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

cool update, special this one i can kill player without lose xp , i hope i can enjoy...

Added: 19/12/2017 How can i add money to Gta

go here choose what u want to buy...

Added: 18/12/2017 Shampioux crying so much

i banned from 3 month as i think , after 30 days from my ban i talk with seppo he told...

Added: 05/12/2017 Shampioux crying hard

I want to play in server again or atleast let me play in s3 Happy new year seppo give...

Added: 05/12/2017 Question regarding ban

How did u knew he not banned ? Are you moderator ?answer is no Are u admin ?answer...

Added: 01/12/2017 Refund?

you said in another thread Don't Spam and i see you only one here Spamming...

Added: 01/12/2017 --- Suggestions ---

good idea

Added: 01/12/2017 Refund?

no its not his fault , since alot of players Crashed with alot of reasons and how...

Added: 01/12/2017 Refund.


Added: 29/11/2017 --- Suggestions ---

Did someone forced them to put their money in lotto Answer is not So once i put all...

Added: 29/11/2017 --- Suggestions ---

add back lotto 45m

Added: 26/11/2017 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

Nice update

Added: 24/11/2017 Shampioux

hi i have been banned perm by lead admin of server 2 Seppo in fact , i know i was really...

Added: 22/11/2017 --- Suggestions ---

add new method of payments maybe with phone transfer

Added: 21/11/2017 --- Suggestions ---

Make something like hangar but for save only hunter or hydra and make price like...

Added: 21/11/2017 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

i really loved that update about minigun , instead of crying another players for...

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