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yeah mate come join me

09:25 AM

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Hi nub come to server i am starting to play now

04:05 PM

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kyase ho nub

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It's probably late but congratulation for admin nub

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Thank you

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Akvarium / Aquarium
Akvarium / Aquarium
Akvarium v novem interieru kancelare Aquarium in new office interior

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78357 Excalibur
Level 74 28/08/2019 11:53 AM
welcome back xd
136723 LemonAdder21
Level 56 11/08/2019 01:32 PM
Eyyyyyyy whatupppp u playinggg manee?
Its gooodddd to haveee u back maa niggaaaa how long is it been 2 years?
133472 SnooWman
Level 43 08/08/2019 11:45 AM
Welcome back
Thank you
136964 xKajaka
Level 123 03/08/2019 10:49 PM
Welcome back
136723 LemonAdder21
Level 56 02/03/2019 11:29 AM
Man Everytime I listen to something just like this.. It always reminds me of olden days when I used to be lemonjack22 and u used to be the gaming something
And there was husty
And there was heartdesire
And then there was harathi
And asterion
And others man
I miss those days Soo much when we all used to turf together in Grove Street every single day and have lots of fun
Oh yeah viper too btw
Man those days were best.. but The bounty Hunter also known as electro or electo was not there tho..
Man those days were the best.. old memories are Soo sweet.. now look at us..
None of them plays anymore except me. And ofc I still have Daniel agentshark and others with me but the old crew was awsm dude I miss it alot.. and btw my birthday is coming soon again.. may 26th I know u didn't forget.
I miss u guys alot dude
U guys have to come back one day
Love you all forever!
103842 xTaha
Level 79 22/09/2018 06:43 PM
I won't come back i guess, i am perma banned
Are you serious?! I bet u remember me, When u got helper u were so happy and pm'd me all day
116063 Shinobi
Level 107 13/09/2018 09:32 PM
That's overwhelming :(
136723 LemonAdder21
Level 56 13/09/2018 06:08 PM
Watta fahk banned? How lol
Why don't u make a new account?
78357 Excalibur
Level 74 12/09/2018 05:36 PM
Sad :(
103842 xTaha
Level 79 08/09/2018 08:42 PM
Hey bro, when will you be back?
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Hello, I have been unbanned now. Thanks to niCe. I can finally join you guys back.
What is the difference between a snowman and a snowwoman?
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