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Added: 20/04/2020 WTLS 12th Anniversary!

thx niCe

Added: 12/04/2020 IMPORTANT! Stealing accounts

Thx niCe :)

Added: 10/04/2020 EVENT! Searching Easter eggs

Thx ^_^

Added: 02/04/2020 IMPORTANT! Huge server update

Great n cg niCe ^_^

Added: 27/03/2020 --- Suggestions ---

add new jobs

Added: 17/03/2020 EVENT! Searching shamrocks

9 of 10 of s3

Added: 31/12/2019 --- Suggestions ---

Hi my suggests to remove tdm/dm from objective

Added: 27/11/2019 EVENT! Searching gold bars

Thx niCe

Added: 20/05/2019 IMPORTANT! S3 will be moved to new IP

Thx _niCe_ :)

Added: 05/05/2019 --- Suggestions ---

add new job of cement truck

Added: 23/12/2018 pls unbanned me

hello marshall unbanned me bro becuse i no did multiaccouts n i just want to unlink...

Added: 13/12/2018 --- Suggestions ---

back buy unban in /shop in web n back /poker 100k or 50k becuse 500k its no good n did...

Added: 13/12/2018 pls unbanned me

ok thx

Added: 13/12/2018 pls unbanned me

hi look i no did multi accouts i just want to unlink it no want to do accouts pls unbanned...

Added: 04/11/2018 hii i got banned by proxy

Listen, my brother, I'm only in Israel, my brother, because I was born in...

Added: 04/11/2018 hii i got banned by proxy

help me admins i no have it (proxy) n what i will do ?

Added: 28/09/2018 EVENT! Searching gold bars

thx niCe i got it all in s3 and s2 :)

Added: 15/08/2018 IMPORANT! More strict punishments for violation

thx sir niCe n i like it becuse players scam my money n its annoying so much then thx...

Added: 08/08/2018 Last week with bonuses!

thx niCe fpr bonuses i have 43m in safe (after i lose 19m and 5m too) n i earn money...

Added: 21/06/2018 --- Bug reports ---

niCe i buy 1 day hotel n i go to change clothes to see 2 skins new of jobs of pilot n baggage...

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