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Added: 17/05/2020 Showzer || Cheating || 2020

It was a nice montage, you got good fighting skills and good editting skills aswell

Added: 23/04/2020 IwAn || Minigun || 2020

Wait, aren't these the guys who just like the show off?

Added: 23/02/2020 ReDZ's Third Killing Montage


Added: 02/02/2020 Micro SMG duels

Dude, you got nice Micro-SMG skills, liked it!

Added: 07/01/2020 Tzurez 3rd Montage

You must have good skills to aim that good when I was stucked in the teargas ;) no...

Added: 26/10/2019 Bisu Juggernut Montage

I don't know why, but this video made me laugh, nice fist skills xD

Added: 15/09/2019 TheMaFiA Killing Montage 1

Ye, and that's skills you should be glade to show, perfect aim dude, you're...

Added: 17/06/2019 Kills on s1, s2, s3 and RsK dumb moments

Since when I knew you James, you know how to use the chainsaw well unlike those who...

Added: 05/06/2019 A quick interview with moderator MightyZeus

Good interview, but Mighty you're too fat to play football ;(

Added: 04/06/2019 Kajaka's Killing Montage

Nice skills tho, but you know you can't stand against me xD

Added: 22/08/2018 lotto 67,5m


Added: 22/08/2018 In any place you prefer to jobs ?

Anywhere, but it sometimes depends on the job

Added: 22/08/2018 Moneybag| El Corona place #3

No idea, my screenshots are from both servers ;)

Added: 22/08/2018 Triads are eating lv

And how was it's taste?

Added: 21/08/2018 Helpers CEO challenge

Can you see this sexy Spirous? ye he's standing at left in the back on the skull...

Added: 21/08/2018 Casinos

I've stopped gambling long time ago, but I used to gamble on Roulette.

Added: 21/08/2018 Nice abuse iwan

It's not forbidden, it's just like when you run to the Ammunition to...

Added: 18/08/2018 Can you do it ?!

I can do it, ez ;)

Added: 05/08/2018 >> S2 Community Car-Showoff | <<

Love it

Added: 03/08/2018 My first 100m in s3 ! :D


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