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Ingame lotto :D

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Szyszka added a forum post to --- Bug reports ---

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Szyszka added a forum post to Anitcheat working,admins sleeping why need them?
This is new version of fake kill cheat, as server already detect fakekill, so you...

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Szyszka added a forum post to Feedback on our staff
I like you want listen to players, this is needed in community which want actualy...

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Moving Platforms

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Description: A gang is a group of people, usually under one name. A gang is similar...

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This missions are great!

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61686 kissmyazz
Level 79 04/02/2020 08:25 AM
20 20
136864 64x
Level 28 12/12/2019 11:25 PM
109684 Shaki
Level 53 21/10/2019 09:46 AM
126762 Wendi
Level 39 16/08/2019 04:58 AM
After I Read About Szyszka I felt Sad About What You Wrote. Just Don't Worry Some ppl got same you but instend they keep pushing them away they must to help <3 Hope You Are Fine Man
202126 THeMafIA12334
Level 16 01/08/2019 06:09 PM
Katanex,samp isnt dead,atleast WTLS is more alive than ever in numbers,even tho most are newbies.I dont understand,what are u trying to say with 'us'?Its not like i knew szyszka personally,would u explain to me?
120470 Elvedin
Level 47 01/08/2019 05:15 PM
People don't understand somebody like us and you did best possible thing by leaving as there's no one left on samp really, guess it's a dead game soon because people like us made it good and we contributed much, weren't greedy like some other rich kids just wasting it.Hope you're doing well Szyszka.Our time is over, new generation is joining but seems like it's failing.Hedo here, take care everyone and don't waste your precious time cause you only live once! ;)
202126 THeMafIA12334
Level 16 30/07/2019 11:49 PM
Hey szyszka,how have u been?I hope life is good for u
3886 Mory
Level 86 08/07/2019 11:32 PM
u r legend even if u r banned or not, u still will be legend
86440 640509040147
Level 72 03/06/2019 01:32 AM
doesn't matter what you did, u been a great staff member, yesterday I randomly asked me my self where tf you've been lmao, so I decided to come by and say hello
92212 Hedo
Level 37 30/05/2019 04:10 PM
Šušky <3
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I have been banned and demoted, because I was threatening others to commit suicide, because they didn't love me as I wanted. This is very dangerous act of emotional... (more)

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