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Added: 06/07/2019 Offices and organization update

Looks like an expensive update

Added: 29/06/2019 anticheat...

ye lol i relog agian and this happend to me agian TERROR_MIKE: Lock this thread

Added: 29/06/2019 anticheat...

can some one explain to me what the food happend ? just login after server restart...

Added: 29/06/2019 --- Suggestions ---

Add the aibility to buy minigun / rpg / flamethrower in ammo nation for cheap prices...

Added: 27/06/2019 --- Suggestions ---

Add more trucker job lockups where players can start trucker and take trailers...

Added: 27/06/2019 --- Suggestions ---

Hello , I understand that you trying to make the CEO system looks better and fun...

Added: 26/06/2019 cheating

probably he use an anti-afk system that if you go afk in game the server wont count...

Added: 25/06/2019 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

So 5m to make a CEO organization ? Worthless CEO have a low payouts , 20k every CEO...

Added: 21/06/2019 --- Apply for helper ---

Age: 17years Languages: English (Mediocre and sometimes I commit few spelling...

Added: 19/06/2019 Change in congress finances

Great no more annoying taxes , nice job

Added: 16/06/2019 --- Suggestions ---

Add vehicle mines same as the oil slicks and the stringers

Added: 13/06/2019 5 Days and 5 contests(s3)

You can have 1 account in s2 and s3 but you can't have 2 accounts in the same...

Added: 13/06/2019 5 Days and 5 contests(s3)

yes you can register an account in S3 and play in it

Added: 12/06/2019 --- Suggestions ---

If you got killed 3 in a row front a hospital , you will be spawned an other hospital...

Added: 11/06/2019 5 Days and 5 contests(s3)

Make contests for s2 anyway thank you

Added: 25/04/2019 Discord server


Added: 21/04/2019 11th Server Anniversary!

There is a tons of activities to do in this server this server its a master piece

Added: 18/04/2019 Easter vouchers!

Thanks a lot

Added: 18/04/2019 --- Apply for helper ---

age: 19 languages: English ( 6 years ) french ( native speaker ) arabic ( native...

Added: 18/04/2019 IMPORTANT! DDoS attacks on servers

Well DDoS its not a joke since they already attack the server they may attack it...

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