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Looks like all the voucher codes have been depleted, unfortunately. Good luck...

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Thank you guys for your comments! Wizmo: Thanks buddy! Yeah it was hard but that's...

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Home in the Hills - GTA SAMP Heists | San Andreas Online Home in the Hills - GTA SAMP Heists | San Andreas Online
Heists in GTA San Andreas Multiplayer! SAMP Servers. Online Play! GTA 5 Heists,...

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The Pee Ritual Performed To TheJizzy xD
The Pee Ritual Performed To TheJizzy xD
This guy is a great youtuber. he makes great content about Gta Series. Go Check...

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That's very nice of you, buddy! Thank you for everything and stay safe!

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Selfie With TheJizzy <3
Selfie With TheJizzy <3
This Guy is really humble and kind. i recommend you guys to check out his channel....

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136723 LemonAndreas24
Level 64 2 days ago

Yo, Good ol memories buddy! :P

And i also understand why you dont want to do anymore live streams, its kinda sad but sometimes we gotta do what we have to.
218857 kasun2006
Level 16 31/05/2020 04:24 PM
pleas login
219281 ExtremebroPlayz
Level 18 25/05/2020 05:46 AM
I wished the same but it doesn't seems to be logical to ban those players who destroy his livestream (I know you are just joking about it anyway) I don't have any hopes that he will return to make livestreams. I joined SAMP coz of thejizzy but when I got to know that he will not do livestreams ever again it heartbroken me.
178252 StefanN
Level 57 24/05/2020 06:21 PM
17) Question : when another GTA SAMP live stream?
Answer : No more SAMP livestreams.
There are few reasons for that.
I have played GTA SAMP since 2007 till like 2018 then I quit. Later I decided to play very rarely on server where I was playing as a kid in years when SAMP was at the best stage. I made couple videos and livestreams from my favorite aka WTLS server. These are servers from my friend niCe.
It was fun.
But unfortunately there were also bad times and that is mainly during livestreams. As you could notice, some people might be envious and they want to ruin everything what other human trying to do. I was trying to entertain you. Well, some people were trying to kill me or ruin the show to other people in a different way.
I have a bad feeling that I might got cancer from these people. And this was another reason why I quit with livestreams from SAMP.
Unfortunately world is cruel sometimes and some people are envious and I am sick of that.

please do livestreams again :( i hope all trash kids who ruin you niCe ban them do live streams again :(
219281 ExtremebroPlayz
Level 18 22/05/2020 09:32 AM
Waiting for next video on samp!!
223597 DatPotatoBoi1232
Level 3 12/05/2020 06:27 PM
215630 SgtToverMacTavish
Level 13 09/05/2020 06:42 AM
how's you going eh ?
221144 godgammer
Level 11 06/05/2020 12:23 PM
hi i am big fan of yours
219587 Eno0
Level 18 06/05/2020 12:09 PM
Jizzy Can You Add Me As A Friend plz
40366 404SyazwanNotFound
Level 217 06/05/2020 10:49 AM
The Best Video Editor :P
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