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Added: 16/06/2019 Interview with the Lead Administrator Mano

Awesome! Totally love the whole concept. :)

Added: 16/11/2017 Empire's Wallhack

How would you define this style of music?

Added: 11/08/2017 FOREVER!

Added: 20/04/2017 Headshots day

Might be an idea. Eventhough there were some bad reactions as well last time. It's...

Added: 06/04/2017 I want to be helper :)

I'm really impressed by this screenshot and the editing skills which have...

Added: 10/03/2017 Lawyer job

Great job! Awesome to see players putting efforts into things like this :)

Added: 20/02/2017 Theseus = Best blowjobber on site!

Added: 01/02/2017 2016 Staff Picture S2

Respect the turtle!!

Added: 18/01/2017 Flury's Rampage


Added: 09/01/2017 2016 Staff Picture S2

Some respect for the turtle Manager please.

Added: 08/01/2017 antivirus

The way to notice they're czech is by how they spam the s*** out of you with...

Added: 04/12/2016 Community Video Edition 2016 (English servers)

I don't feel like making a new one... I have been putting hours and hours into...

Added: 27/11/2016 What skin id is that

Looks like skin ID 60 to me.

Added: 17/11/2016 Jakou máte značku mobilu?

Xperia z3 compact...

Added: 16/11/2016 hahaha lotto

It's not hard to win if you buy all tickets ;) xD

Added: 16/11/2016 Cidla 1 - 0 Mr. Unbeaten

I feel like this is Photoshopped.

Added: 25/10/2016 my cars in GTA V

Looks great! Hope you're enjoying GTA V as much as you enjoyed it here :)

Added: 25/10/2016 Thenikkeus & _Seukkz__

61 fps is much impressive specs for patatoe pc

Added: 24/10/2016 which commoand i get this thing ???

LOL @eNkoCZ And BullllllleT, use /remove to remove it... It must have been a mistake...

Added: 08/04/2016 Theseus is the man! bday gift

It's my previous graphics card.. and since Mango his one broke i figured out to...

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