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Added: 29/04/2020 Shampoz

You will not be unbanned.

Added: 19/04/2020 Lucky Steel my friend Account

If some account was stolen, it means that the password was shared with someone?...

Added: 18/04/2020 Need answers please.

A lot of time? The guy got kicked 3min after you reported him.. You expect 5second...

Added: 17/04/2020 Banned on s1

I appreciate your honesty, but.. Scamming is forbidden, wait until your ban is...

Added: 17/04/2020 Muted for no reason

I assume you're unmuted by now :)

Added: 17/04/2020 Report 3RLOND

If he does actually kill you, he will be punished by the server for spawn killing....

Added: 16/04/2020 Need Help for forgetting my Old Account

Can you please PM me with all account details you remember? Anything useful please,...

Added: 16/04/2020 Community video 2020 (English servers)

Yes! :) if everyone in the picture plays on the servers, and everyone agrees 100%...

Added: 15/04/2020 leianedc Ban Appeal

Your ban will be reduced to 5 days, on condition that you do not try to evade your...

Added: 15/04/2020 Community video 2020 (English servers)

Let me remind you of a few rules if you want to join the community video: - If you are...

Added: 15/04/2020 Need help admins...

I will PM you to arrange the refund :) //solved, lock

Added: 14/04/2020 Report about Scammer

It is not allowed to issue loans to other players. There is even a pop up stating...

Added: 14/04/2020 Lost Alot of USD's & Need Help!

When exactly do you claim you had 13.25USD left?

Added: 12/04/2020 ....

I just spend 15 minutes checking all of your logs and didn't find anything...

Added: 12/04/2020 help

You bought a valid lottery ticket, and thus had 1 chance out of 100 to win. You lost...

Added: 10/04/2020 Unban request

Hi, I've posted some logs to be reviewed by admin Khayrou, we'll wait...

Added: 10/04/2020 help

The point of forums, is that you explain your issue so we can help out.. What do you...

Added: 10/04/2020 Requesting a refund

Issue resolved in PM. Thread locked.

Added: 10/04/2020 someone just logged into my account The rules are...

Added: 10/04/2020 someone just logged into my account

So here's what will happen. Players who lost their stuff as a result of this...

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