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Added: 04/07/2019 unban lags

Nxs decided to unban you. Please pay attention to your connection, if you notice...

Added: 04/07/2019 I lost my Web account

You were playing 2 days ago on your S3 account, and have a total of 1800+ hours. Why...

Added: 07/01/2019 Still banned on S1 S3 S4 by mistake !

You should be unbanned on all servers now. Please check and confirm here.

Added: 07/11/2018 Upozornění pro hráče

Theseus =/= Thesues + Nejsem egyptsky -__-

Added: 04/11/2018 hii i got banned by proxy

Solved through PM's :)

Added: 29/10/2018 I was banned, for no reason

Hello, I've checked your login data and nothing is blocked. You should be...

Added: 28/10/2018 I got scamed...

MG]Death$quad his account has been deleted. Please stop trusting people and...

Added: 02/10/2018 I've used an voucher.

Well, if the voucher worked, it means it was intended to be used. Well done i'd...

Added: 28/06/2018 Locks

I'll discuss this issue with the admins/mods who went over your ban. As soon...

Added: 20/06/2018 Theseus !!!

Should be solved now, try to connect please. If not, PM me.

Added: 20/06/2018 Prison

Whenever you're online, ask an admin to get you out. The reason is quite simple,...

Added: 18/06/2018 I was banned on Server 3

Look, you kept spamming. I never even actually reacted to the things you posted....

Added: 18/06/2018 I was banned on Server 3

Take a look at some of your chatlogs of today.. I've just copied some real...

Added: 14/06/2018 I Donated 4 Web Money And i Got in Game Money

Solved indeed! :)

Added: 28/05/2018 muted for an hour for saying piñata, really?

Seems to be a silly mistake indeed. I'll get you unmuted. Sorry for the inconvenience..

Added: 06/02/2018 Higher Level Admin required

If you closed it too fast to read.. then how do you know what the dialog said?

Added: 31/01/2018 banned from FastHead

10 days is a fair punishment for this. Be happy that your ban is not longer. You will...

Added: 31/01/2018 FastHead banned me for team in event

10 days is a fair punishment for this. Be happy that your ban is not longer. You will...

Added: 16/12/2017 location problem

You've basically just been showing that you're not able to comply...

Added: 15/12/2017 Higher Level Admin required

I've sent you your pass in PM on web :) Change it after joining the game again.

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