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Added: 06/09/2019 have a question

What’s nonsense is that you think Mano rejected your report because you are...

Added: 03/09/2019 problem with aiming

Just so you know, AutoHotkey is no longer allowed, if you are banned by the server...

Added: 03/09/2019 Muting increased for no reason

If you think, it’s too much, I noticed a server threat in there, for which I can...

Added: 03/09/2019 5 Day Ban For Abusing bugs ??? I DID NOTHING!!!

You will remain banned, TheCaptain has not made a mistake and that’s been explained...

Added: 03/09/2019 I need an explanation

You don’t need an explanation. It’s his decision to block you, and he has that...

Added: 27/08/2019 i got ban no reason

Your ban was not for no reason, it was for cheats. This is already confirmed by our...

Added: 27/08/2019 unban V3RO

Text for admins

Added: 27/08/2019 unban V3RO

It’s funny, Showzer and Nightwing, as you both can leave it to us to correct him...

Added: 25/08/2019 Friend banned

Made contact with users, problem was solved already.

Added: 18/08/2019 Big Problem in my Country

This thread is pointless, if you are banned then you are banned. Net cafes aren’t...

Added: 17/08/2019 Admin abuse

This is ridiculous, you knew you were doing something wrong and did it anyways,...

Added: 17/08/2019 Ban for reconnect

We do not allow auto-reconnect, because not only can you farm gaming time stats,...

Added: 16/08/2019 plezzz -_- nice

Ok, bye!

Added: 16/08/2019 please help me

Stop creating threads, or receive ban on web.

Added: 11/08/2019 banned for no reason

The fact that you think we have no evidence, is hilarious. We don't ban players...

Added: 08/08/2019 Missed everything :(

Unfortunately, this is still the rules, therefore you have to serve the ban. Jason4011...

Added: 06/08/2019 Mano i wrong !!!!!

Mano has already answered you, and confirmed his answer on your second thread....

Added: 04/08/2019 Why this banned? xD

Nice spam guys, this thread is pointless. You'll remain banned.

Added: 04/08/2019 Banned - Reason: Bot

So, when you joined server, what were you able to do? Were you able to just chat,...

Added: 04/08/2019 Banned - Reason: Bot

xTrevor, stop posting where you do not belong! You are quite annoying, I see you...

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