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Added: 23/07/2019 Big Contest including all servers!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1DU2Gr-550 Gambler Life Style ! Everyday...

Added: 17/07/2019 helps me

thank you guys i check utube but there is no thing helpfull i re-intaled now its...

Added: 17/07/2019 helps me

GUYS help me every time this comeout on my screen it crash or freeze or it says attempt...

Added: 06/07/2019 I made big mistake !

Thank you aman19 can my brother make other account now ? R3kT - yes

Added: 06/07/2019 I made big mistake !

How he will make his own therads when his account is hacked dude

Added: 06/07/2019 I made big mistake !

He won't create other account he want his account back

Added: 05/07/2019 I made big mistake !

he was crying ! im only human and he is kid ! and i trusted him ! we can't busted...

Added: 05/07/2019 I made big mistake !

but everyone know that my brother account and always we are from tunisia and now...

Added: 05/07/2019 I made big mistake !

As you guys know me from last summer i reach the richet ppl in S2 with my Brother fortnite...

Added: 08/10/2018 --- Suggestions ---

add new forum to test you giphy xDD just like what im doing now

Added: 01/10/2018 --- Player reports ---

//Parker: This cheat is dealt by server.

Added: 30/09/2018 Event lost

I don't like this event i joined 2 times but all i know when y r out of the zone...

Added: 30/09/2018 What Happened With My Pings?

I have some ping issues some times all i have to do is restart my computer and my router...

Added: 30/09/2018 I need help.

You can buy a premium account so you can sold 25usd per day :) and get many other benefits

Added: 29/09/2018 EVENT! Searching gold bars


Added: 23/09/2018 can i get refund ?


Added: 22/09/2018 IMPORTANT! Server lags

i don't play today that's why the server laging :D

Added: 14/09/2018 --- Player reports ---

Added: 12/09/2018 --- Bug reports ---

when you type /jobs and select crane drive says 100skill u get a skin when i finish...

Added: 11/09/2018 --- Bug reports ---

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H0XCCFznv4&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H0XCCFznv4&feature=youtu.be...


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