Server guide


You can use Phone after pressing Y or typing /phone while stationary.

Use W A S D or arrows keys to navigate, spacebar to confirm, press Enter or F to go back or close phone.

This feature gives you a lot of useful and exciting functions such as Phonebook to call:

- Police, medic or taxi - to get help or ride from players are working as one.

- Mechanic to deliver your stored car or bike.

- Pegasus company which will deliver your boat or plane, if you have stored one in marina or hangar.

- Lester to locate vehicle you are looking for.

- Merryweather for airstrike or weapon drop, whenever you fell low on ammunation or need reach players on roofs.

- Brucie will deliver body armour nearby you.

- Fufu which will invite to your house a nice dancing girl, which in closer meeting will offer you something more than just a dance...

- List of players which you can sent text message (SMS) to.

Messages allows you to see messages sent to you and respond back SMS to players.

Organizer will show specific events, such as time when are regular server events or time of expiration of your properties and houses.

Minigames option allows you to see actual minigames in progress and join them.

Options are for phone settings to change theme, ringtone sound or turn off/on keypad tone sound.

  • Press Y or /phone to open phone.
  • Some functions require and cost some money, however others are always free and there won't be any bill to pay later for using phone.
  • Check minigames in progress, call taxi and emergency services or get your vehicles near you with phone functions.
  • You can buy some esthetics phone upgrades from Game shop.