Where can I download game client to play on your server?

You can download game clients here.

I can't join the server. What is the problem?

This problem can have multiple reasons. Please post on our forums, where we are able to resolve your problem.

I forgot password to my account on the server. Can I obtain it?

If your account is linked, you can reset your password in linked accounts, the reset password will be send to your e-mail. If your account is not linked, you can post on our forums, where we will try to help you out. We definitely recommend linking your game account with web to avoid losing account and password..

How can I link my account with web?

Click on linked accounts and enter the name and password of your account on the server. When you link your account you are able to purchase items in game shop and you can track statistics of your gaming on our servers.

How does the lottery work?

There are total 100 tickets in the lottery, each user can purchase maximum of 50 tickets. When all tickets are purchased, lottery is drawn within 30 minutes and you can win one of the prizes - either Tokens or XP.

How can I add users to friends?

Open user's profile and click on the button to add to friends. When you add the user, you will become the follower. If the user adds you too, you will be mutual friends.

How can I earn XP, higher level or title?

You can earn XP for various activities on the web and when you collect a certain amount of XP, you will reach higher level. You can watch the profile in user bar and see how much XP do you need to reach the higher level. You will unlock new titles, when you reach higher levels. To set your title, edit your profile settings.

Can I exchange Tokens for real money?

Tokens are solely virtual currency, which doesn't have any real value and therefore cannot be exchanged for real money.