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niCe added a forum post to Scam a otravování
Ja bych spis rekl, ze otravujes ty s touhle nesmyslnou stiznosti zde na foru. Lock.

12:14 AM

niCe added a forum post to SMS v nespravnom tvare
SMS jsem prepsal na tvuj ucet a poslal jsem ti nahradu.

12:08 AM

niCe added a forum post to Zaplatil jsem a nic mi nepřislo
Napis mi prosim do soukrome zpravy, z jakeho telefonniho cisla jsi SMS posilal....

12:06 AM

niCe posted a comment to Drogové války začínají 26. února!
Na foru mas navod.

04:01 PM

niCe added a forum post to --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---
Refrain from being that blatantly hysterical, it's so embarassing for...

10:04 AM

niCe added a forum post to NÁVOD: Drogové války
V /help to napsane je - loajalitu zvysuje o +5. Pokud hrac nebude mit zakladnu,...

09:57 AM

niCe added a forum post to --- SA-MP server updates ---
[Changes] - Revenue from drug hood increased to $2500 - You can change your name...

12:46 AM

niCe added a forum post to --- Updaty SA-MP serveru ---
[Zmeny] - Zisk z drogoveho uzemi zvysen na $2500 - Zmenit nick pujde jednou za 100...

12:45 AM

niCe added a forum post to Banned on s2
We are stil reviewing this case, sorry for the delay. If we can prove you have been...

07:54 PM

niCe added a forum post to NÁVOD: Drogové války
Staci napsat, ze dekujes, ze si nekdo dal tu praci a ten navod sepsal. Je to kratsi...

04:03 PM

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149694 xSlitt
Level 129 15/01/2021 02:33 AM
Congratulations on level 300 my man, here's to many more web levels to come :D
99915 Blockbuster
Level 141 12/11/2020 06:06 PM
Hey niCe nice to see u old guy xD
140918 Jozefos
Level 137 23/10/2020 11:11 AM
206292 Dennis410
Level 40 03/06/2020 11:17 PM
Nicw i buy again 23usd from paypal and dont take my usd oomgg
149473 9Drake9
Level 30 03/06/2020 09:48 PM
Ahoj, mohl bych prosím dostat unban, když tak si přečti PM
130088 Mitrixsen
Level 112 02/06/2020 09:47 AM
222524 TheJohnWick103
Level 16 01/06/2020 11:16 PM
Nice is a fair guy and if solve some things servers will be ol
212005 LegendaSK
Level 112 26/05/2020 03:24 PM
Nice Je Pan
112827 Galaxy95
Level 57 24/05/2020 02:44 PM
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